Just got back from Melbourne

The Melbourne Design Market 2010

Steve for the Curator Company

Just got back from a whistle-stop tour of Melbourne for The Melbourne Design Market and this year’s market was incredible. It was amazing how so many people came through, and with all the squishing and bustling everyone was happy and having a great time. There was definitely an event buzz in the air!

This year we completely ran out of white mounts and were left with 5 black packs and 4 blue packs. Almost sold out (well we probably would have if our EFT machine hadn’t run out of batteries) … note to self, pack charger next time.

If you missed out on any white packs this year (usually we sell out of black!) then I still have a few packs of white back in the studio. There will be a delay of a few weeks on the other colours though as I need to replenish stocks.

Thanks Melbourne, the more I visit the more I want to stay!!! Although I’ll be back in a month for Life in Style 😉

by Huw

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