From Melbourne to Canberra then back again.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been on the road taking the photocurator message to Melbourne, then Canberra then back to Sydney.

On July 24th I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne Design Market in Federation Square. The Melbourne Design Market has always been the big one – one big day of festive design shopping craziness, definitely worth the trip to Melbourne and the sore legs.

This year I didn’t have Steve helping me out which not only made the day a little less fun, but it also meant I couldn’t leave our stall space and do some market shopping myself.Thanks Elizabeth for another wonderful market, next time I’m sure to have the A4 ready in time!
After flying back to Sydney on Sunday night it was time to get prepared for my first foray into Canberra with the Old Bus Depot Markets. A few months back one of the organisers from the OBDM had seen the Photocurator at the Rocks Market and asked whether I wanted to come to Canberra and take part.

The Old Bus Depot Markets

A handmade artisans market the OBDM is set in (no prizes for guessing) an old bus depot! An award winning market which is a destination for tourists and locals alike. Being the middle of winter it was a little cold, but after spending the weekend in Melbourne only a week beforehand I wasn’t too unprepared. It was really nice to meet some locals as well as a few tourists who were looking for something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Another enjoyable part of the adventure was driving through Moss Vale on the way to Canberra and getting to check out Made by Others. The selection of design goodies was even better than I expected (and I expected it to be pretty good).

[pullquote] It was like going to all of the top design markets and trade shows around Australia and seeing the cream of the crop all in one place & that’s because Anna has done just that! [/pullquote] On a side note, the coffee was incredible. So much so that I had to buy some Red Door beans to takeaway and a new grinder for home (as I usually buy supermarket post ground coffee).

Well now I’m back in Sydney, feeling tired but refreshed and ready to face the next crazy few months as new distribution deals in a number of countries are signed off and product shipped – but that’s another story.

by Huw